How to Buy an Amazon Gift Card with PayPal?

Despite both being giants in the online commerce space, Amazon and PayPal have a complicated relationship.

Why isn’t direct purchase an option?

For years, Amazon has championed its own payment solutions, sidelining others in the process. Since PayPal has been seen as a competitor, a direct alliance has always been off the table.

Understanding the appeal of Amazon gift cards

Think of Amazon gift cards as the key to a vast marketplace. Whether it’s gadgets, books, or fashion, these cards are a gateway to a multitude of products. They’re especially handy when you need to gift someone but can’t decide on the actual item.

Step-by-Step Guide to Purchasing

Bridging the gap between your PayPal funds and Amazon’s vast marketplace is easier than you might think.

Using third-party vendors

Trusted third-party vendors are akin to middlemen who facilitate your transaction.


eGifter isn’t just another platform; it’s a community-driven site. Apart from Amazon, there are numerous other cards to choose from. The user reviews can guide your purchase decisions.


With its intuitive interface, Gyft simplifies the gift card purchase process. They often run promotions, giving you a chance to snag some deals.

PayPal Digital Gifts

PayPal’s own gift store is another avenue to explore. Although Amazon cards are sporadically available, the ease of purchase when they are in stock is unparalleled.

Things to Keep in Mind

Every process has its nuances. Here’s what to watch out for.

Potential fees

While some sites offer a straightforward purchase, others may include a service or processing fee. It’s crucial to factor these in, especially for larger denominations.

Delivery timings

A majority promise instant delivery. However, during peak seasons or high traffic times, delays can occur. Patience is key.

Validity and expiration

Ever heard the story of someone’s gift card expiring before use? It’s a bummer. Always check the validity.

Alternatives to Consider

Because having options is always a good idea.

PayPal Cash Card

The PayPal Cash Card is a debit card linked to your PayPal balance. It functions like a regular card, allowing you to shop anywhere, including Amazon.

Direct transfers

Have a friend who owes you? Or simply trust someone to make the transaction? Transfer your PayPal balance to them, and they can buy the card for you.

The Benefits of Linking PayPal and Amazon

Let’s address the elephant in the room: why go through this process?

Safe and secure transactions

Third-party vendors use secure protocols, ensuring your funds remain safe.

Extended buying power

Merging the utilities of PayPal with Amazon’s vast product range? That’s a win-win situation!

Common Concerns Addressed

Let’s debunk some myths and clarify common queries.

Trustworthiness of third-party sites

Stick to reputed sites. It’s like shopping: you wouldn’t buy from a store you don’t trust, would you?

Refund policies

While some vendors offer a no-questions-asked refund, others might have stringent policies. Always read up before hitting ‘Buy’.


Connecting your PayPal funds to Amazon’s offerings is a game-changer. With a little research and caution, you can unlock a seamless shopping experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • How secure are these third-party platforms? Reputed platforms use encrypted transactions, making them as secure as any online shopping site.
  • Any hidden fees I should be wary of? Always check the total before finalizing. Some sites might have service charges.
  • Instant delivery means I’ll get my card in seconds, right? Usually, yes! But occasionally, it can take a few minutes to hours, especially during peak times.
  • Are international Amazon gift cards available? Some third-party platforms do offer gift cards for Amazon’s international sites. Always check the card details.
  • What if I face an issue with the card I receive? Reach out to the platform’s customer service. Most reputed vendors are prompt with issue resolution.

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